You dream about a motorcycle tour? You can see the pictures in front of your eyes? You just don't want to do the tour with a group of people you don't know? Nobody offers a tour that suits your dreams? 


Well, then iTravel is exactly what you need!


We organise your dream tour - you tell us where you want, when, how long and with whom you want to travel - we take care of the rest.


It doesn't matter if your dream is a weekend trip in the alps, training trip with your partner in Morocco or a 8 week expedition crossing Russia - we are your partner for it.


Here some ideas:

- The Als on- / offroad on unknown and unused trails and roads

- The Alps, the big round

- Alpes Maritim

- Spain inside

- Baltik states on- / offroad

- Skandinavia - Gravel and turns

- Polar circle in winter

- Germany - Wladiwostok

- Russian Altai & Westmongolia

- Lake Baikal

- Trans Canada Trial (Offroad from east to west)

- Chile/Argentina on the trails of the GS Trophy 2012

- Sand-surving in Dubai

- Morokko relaxed or demanding

and more more more


Our service starts right at the beginning: Equipment, motorbike, route planings, accommodation, transportation, support, picture/film...


Thanks to our network we can offer BMW Motorrad rental motorcycles in many countries.






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