iTraining strats where your driving school stopped - it doesn't matter if you just started riding, just getting back on the bike after some years or you ride since a long time. There is always something to learn and improve.


We train with you 1:1 - not in a big group. It is our instructor + you (and max. 4 more of your friends, family or partners).


You tell us what you want to learn - we make it happen:


some examples:

- Gravel - Serpentines - Training

- Asphalt-Serpentines Training (Alps special)

- Savety on- / offroad

- Travel training & workshop

- Ralleypreparation

- Navigation- / Roadbook Training

- Racetrack Training

- Trust Training (after a fall or accident)

- Sandriding

- Sport enduro race Training

- Re-starter Training

- Couple/Partner/Family Training

- Incentives


We just organise what you want: You tell us when, how long, where and what.

And we have for every trainng target the right specialist as instructor.


We train you, where ever you want. We can use training facilities i.e. in Germany, Spain, Morokko, UK, USA, Canada, Chile, Argentinia, South Africa, Russia, Skandinavia...


Our service starts already before the training. If you want we offer our knowledge and support to find the perfect motorcycle for you, the best equipment for your needs, the best riders gear... we answer all your questions!