For every wish and idea we have the right specialist in our team. Our team & network consists of experienced motorcyclists that are all certified BMW Motorrad instructors and/or tourguides. Some of us are also chief trainer or trainers of the BMW Motorrad international certification programs. Our Instructors and Tourguides are participating in many BMW Motorrad activities like motorcycle presentations, GS Challenge, GS Trophy etc. and we all spent a lot of our time on the motorcycle. Some of us are traveling the world, other are racing on- or offroad...


With us, you learn and ride with the best!


iTravel - iTraining is a program of the Joe Dakar GmbH.

Jochen Stather "Joe Dakar"


As the general manager, he keeps the business going and tries to find a solution for any wish and problem. He gets the right team together for anything we do. He spends a lot of time in front of his MAC, but a big grin shows up on his face at the moment he pushes the starter button on any kind of motorcycle. Joe is just back from an extreme trip in Russia, he does activities for BMW Motorrad, is the co-founder and chief trainer of the BMW Motorrad International Tourguide Academy, supports various countries with the organisation of their national GS Challenge/Trophy and joined the team of the 2012 GS Trophy in Chile/Argentina as Marshall.


On- & Offroad Instruktor

  • 1:1 trainings
  • training on Tour
  • travels
  • expeditions
  • coaching
  • travel workshop
  • equipment
  • navigation

Michael Eberwein


Our "sports department" Michael is an experienced enduro rider. Due to his organizational talents, he is involved in all our planing and realizations and he keeps an eye on the time frames and budgets. Michael attended and finished the international 6-days, organized the riding part of the German GS Challenge, is involved in the riding activities of BMW Motorrad, is the chief trainer of the BMW Motorrad International Instructor Academy and Co-Trainer of the BMW Motorrad International Tourguide Academy. He also joined the team of the 2012 GS Trophy in Chile/Argentina as Marshall.



  • sportenduro
  • Race preparation
  • 1:1 trainings
  • incentives
  • technic
  • coaching
  • extreme enduro

Sepp Mächler


Sepp is all about speed - he is the man for sportive onroad and racetrack activities. If you want to know what can be done with your naked-, supermoto- or supersports bike, Sepp is the perfect partner for that. A maximum of fun, speed and learning is included. Sepp is also involved in the planing and organization of our programs.



Racetrack, On- & Offroad Instruktor

  • wheelies
  • racetracks
  • 1:1 Training
  • sector training
  • sportive touring
  • racepreparation
  • coaching

Simon Pavey


He is legend! The 6-times DAKAR finisher is a real master of enduro & rallye and he is also a real nice guy. His source of experience is immense and that's why he was the trainer of Ewan and Charley for their trips (Long way round & Long way down) and for Charley doing the Dakar (Race to Dakar). In England, Simon is a real legend and for us, he is the man for intensive 1:1 trainings on Pro-level and preparational trainings for any kind of rallye and enduro races - he can get you ready for the Dakar!

Offroad & Sport Enduro Instruktor

  • 1:1 training
  • sportenduro
  • rallye
  • navigation
  • Dakar preparation
  • coaching
  • technic









With the BMW Motorrad Instructors training we teach and test BMW brand behaviour and a certain way of teaching. The participants need to show riding skills above average, technical understanding and a certain personality and behaviour. A certified BMW Motorrad instructor is the perfect partner for a good learning progress. The teaching happens without pressure, always easy and cut down to the needs of the customer. With a certified instructor of the BMW Motorrad International Instructor Academy you are in best hands - all over the world!








The BMW Motorrad International Tourguide Academy ensures that  worldwide all BMW Motorrad travel & touring partners fulfill the same BMW Motorrad standards and that the tourguides have a certain knowledge and a certain behaviour and personality. The essential parts of the certification training are: Riding on/offroad, technical skills in practical use, First Aid, relation with customers, officials and partners, behaviour and solving of difficult situations, navigation, riding with groups, BMW Motorrad brand behaviour. A certified BMW Motorrad Tourguide is your best partner for a well organized and operated tour - worldwide!